Google adds Gmail Confidential Mode to Android

Gmail Brings Confidential Emails to Mobile

Gmail Brings Confidential Emails to Mobile

(Users can choose from expiration options such as one week, one month, etc.) The confidential message's recipients will have the options to forward, copy, and print it, along with download disabled.

If Chief Quimby used Gmail, he'd know about the new mobile Confidential Mode with expiring messages and probably have saved himself quite a bit of trouble getting information to Inspector Gadget.

Confidential Mode is now available on the iOS and Android Gmail apps.

The new confidential mode gives users the ability to place restrictions on emails as part of an effort to keep them from getting into the hands of people who should not have them. For other Gmail users, these emails appear in Gmail like other messages. The feature launched on desktop earlier this year, and it allows senders to restrict things like forwarding, copying, and downloading the emails they send.

For advanced protection, the sender of the message can also require the recipient to enter a passcode. Tap on that and you'll be given options to set a passcode for the email, an expiration date, and more.

In addition, Confidential Mode will let you set a password for viewing documents, that way only those with the password can view them. I sent an email to myself with confidential mode, the attachment was a photo.

Once this feature is live for you, you will find it by clicking on the 3-dot settings button in the top right corner of the Compose UI. But Gmail users today can use the new update to protect their messages instead of following in the grumpy footsteps of the cartoon cop.

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