Brexit talks "closing in on workable solutions", Raab says

Brexit secretary Dominic Raab confirmed Britain would withhold any financial settlement in the event of a'no deal scenario. AFP

Brexit secretary Dominic Raab confirmed Britain would withhold any financial settlement in the event of a'no deal scenario. AFP

"We are working closely with government on this and hope they will put consumers at the top of their agenda in the Brexit negotiations to help ensure that United Kingdom operators can continue to offer low prices to our customers".

The news was confirmed by the Brexit Department of the UK Government, headed by Dominic Raab, who issued 28 technical notices in a statement on Brexit issued on Thursday.

"People will drive when they are on their holidays as well, so I would have thought it was something she'd have been congratulating the government on, in making sure when we leave the European Union there is a seamless transition for people who want to drive outside the United Kingdom".

United Kingdom citizens travelling overseas - The government says you may need to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP), as well as having a United Kingdom driving licence to drive in the EU.

"One outcome would be that "we wouldn't pay out the money that has been agreed", he told BBC radio.

The government played down fears that holidaymakers would be hit with swingeing roaming charges for using mobile phone in the EU.

"Unhelpfully though unsurprisingly, the paper avoids reference to any role for historic or future Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) jurisprudence in terms of interpreting United Kingdom competition law in the future, other than stating that the "CMA and United Kingdom courts will no longer be bound to follow future CJEU case law", he said.

"Firms still need greater precision from the Government in order to be able to plan ahead with confidence", he said.

It added that leaving without a deal would not prevent United Kingdom mobile operators making and honouring commercial arrangements with mobile operators in the EU.

Driving licenses (document here) - "Your driving licence may no longer be valid by itself when driving in the European Union." . These cost £5.50 and are available from Post Offices.

And he took a swipe at businesses, such as John Lewis, saying: "I think it's probably rather easy at this moment in time for any business that isn't doing rather well to point to Brexit". The EU directive brought in in June 2017 which capped the prices mobile phone operators could charge each other will no longer apply to the United Kingdom after Brexit.

More no-deal publications are expected in the coming weeks. In a national Referendum in 2016 for a British exit from the European Union voted 51.9% of British nationals.

"The government has no mandate for any of this and it's too big an issue to be left to a Brexit elite in Westminster".

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