BMW has developed its own self-driving motorcycle

The inner workings of the self riding bike

The inner workings of the self riding bike

At the BMW Motorrad Techday 2018 in France last week, the bike builder showed journalists a version of the R 1200 GS that does all the riding on its own.

BMW hopes the program will in the future greatly assist bikers by operating as an autonomous driving assistant that adjusts steering during unsafe situations on the road.

"The prototype helps us to expand our knowledge about the vehicle's dynamics so that we can classify the rider's behavior and determine if a future situation will become unsafe or not", Stefan Hans, a Motorrad safety engineer, says in the video.

The BMW Motorrad division is a pioneer in the field of creating a full-fledged drone of motorcycles. Rather, the underlying technology should serve as a platform for development of future systems and functions to make motorcycling safer, more comfortable and improve riding pleasure. The BMW research team behind the project developed the motorcycle with the goal of better understanding a rider's situation and helping the rider avoid obstacles.

Earlier in the summer, we reported on the autonomous "bike": a self-riding BMW C1 that had been fitted with a flight of detection systems and mechanisms that was able to help the engineers safely put autonomous auto technologies to the test without putting an actual rider at risk. Now, BMW Motorrad seems to have taken it up a notch with its autonomous riding technology. Luminous motorcycle headlights from cornering lights to laser headlights were highlights as well as a motorcycle frame manufactured completely using a 3D printing process, including a rear swinging arm.

Future BMW motorcycles will be safer than ever before. Above all, the V2V communication between vehicles are in the foreground further enhancing safety and comfort for the motorcyclist through digital networking.

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