Surprise: iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are already selling out

When Do 2018's New iPhones Come Out? iPhone XS, XS Max, XR Release Dates (Apple Keynote)

When Do 2018's New iPhones Come Out? iPhone XS, XS Max, XR Release Dates (Apple Keynote)

Both the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max also feature 512GB of internal storage.

Apple has slowly increased the average price of an iPhone since 2007, but with the $999 iPhone X release a year ago, it made a bigger leap than usual.

The Swiss watch industry faces an increased threat from a new Apple Watch that is able to detect heart problems and is likely to appeal to older shoppers, Reuters reports, citing industry experts.

Shares of fitness device rival Fitbit Inc. fell 6.9 percent after the Series 4 announcement on Wednesday.

Last year, Airtel brought the expensive iPhone X to its Online Store at a price of Rs 89,000.

In case you somehow missed it, Apple announced three new iPhones, the iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xs, and the cheaper iPhone Xr, which still starts at $749. The other two variants offering 256GB and 512GB storage are priced at Rs 1,24,900 and Rs 1,44,900 respectively.

The iPhone XR apparently have a lower overall display pixel resolution than that of the iPhone 8 Plus at 1920 x 1080 compared to 1792 x 828, respectively.

The thing is that it actually makes sense to buy an iPhone X, or other high-end smartphones. Lo and behold, it's iPhone XS preorder day, and I'm not buying either the regular or the Max.

The new record was iPhone XS Max.

What You Need To Know: The new tweener device that lines up alongside the XS duo is the iPhone XR, where R could stand for anything (I'm going with Regular or Relatively Affordable)! The 5 and 6's are over. The only major setback in this area is that the XR uses the aging LCD panel, while the XS is equip with fancier OLED display which Apple calls it Super Retina Display.

Good news for all selfie and photo lovers, Apple says that the new neural engine powered in its latest offering helps the new phones take better and sharper pictures. Now, a similar amount will have to pay for the repairs iPhone XS. Finally, the Neural engine now has 8 cores for machine learning and is nearly almost 10x faster. That said, it a big leap from the last year's chip.

- Bigger and a little less pricey: iPhone XR (USD749).

The Apple iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max are the first set of iPhones with 4 GB RAM. For many, the clincher will be the sheer number of colour options the XR will be available in, including yellow, red, coral and blue...and black and white for the less adventurous!

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