How it looks: Optics key in fight over Kavanaugh hearing

Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh

The Judiciary Committee reportedly also has volunteered to send investigators to Palo Alto, Calif., where Ford lives, to talk with her there outside the view of TV cameras.

Ford's lawyers and numerous opposition Democrats have repeatedly called for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to open a probe.

"Whether they come forward more publicly, as happened with the #MeToo movement, I think it will depend on how they perceive Dr. Ford being treated". Kavanuagh has repeatedly denied the allegations.

The president has indicated he wants Ford to testify, saying, "I really want to see her, to see what she has to say".

According to her lawyer, Ford is willing to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The press conference was held in response to the sexual assault allegations that have rocked the Supreme Court nominee's confirmation process.

U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday that his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was "under assault" by radical leftist politicians, appearing to grow impatient with the delay of his appointee's confirmation proceedings.

Kavanaugh was headed toward confirmation to the Supreme Court until Ford identified herself to The Washington Post, alleging that he dragged her into a bedroom and tried to undress her when both were teenagers in suburban Maryland in the 1980s.

'We aren't going to stop fighting for what is right'.

Asking Kavanaugh to go first is "not doable", according to the source, noting he would need to respond to any new accusation that comes up at the hearing.

Since Ford has filled out the troubling details of her accusation and attached her name to them, they can not treated so casually. Ford wrote that Kavanaugh pushed her into a bedroom along with another male companion.

Trump has confirmed 26 circuit court judges during his presidency, which McConnell has shepherded through with the help of a simple majority without the chance for any filibusters. This pattern is even more pronounced among specific female constituencies, such as young women and white women older than 60, who are incredibly fired up to vote. On the Senate Judiciary Committee zero Republicans are women.

Thirty three protesters were arrested outside of Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles E. Grassley's office in the Hart Senate Office Building Thursday afternoon.

The accusations from Christine Blasey Ford, denied vehemently by Kavanaugh, threaten to slow his Senate confirmation vote, with Democrats saying the FBI should investigate the charges, a demand that is not gaining traction among Republicans.

Grassley, a Republican from Iowa, set a deadline of Friday at 10 a.m. ET for a decision from Ford on whether she will testify, and it's unclear whether she'll choose to appear. "The president is defending his nomination to the United States Supreme Court as a man of character, integrity, impeccable academic and judicial qualifications", Conway said when asked about the President's measured response to the allegations.

Feinstein tweeted this week that Ford had sought confidentiality and "I honored that".

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