Trump mocks Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Before the crowd Tuesday night in Southaven, Mississippi, Trump imitated Ford during her testimony, mocking her for not knowing the answers to questions such as how she had gotten to the high school party where she says Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her.

Trump also mocked one of Kavanaugh's accusers, Christine Blasey Ford, for her Senate testimony last week.

In a sign of their hardening stance, Republicans began to aim the credibility questions at Ford.

Trump used Blasey's "powerful testimony" as "a political rally punchline", King added, and it won't serve him well with senators who are swing votes on Kavanaugh's nomination - particularly Republican Sens.

"How did you get home?"

"I had one beer, right?"

"How did you get there?" I don't remember. Where is the place?

"I find that numerous voters we talk to aren't clear about this whole process, " Morial said. Trump is unlikely to make direct appeals to the lawmakers on the fence, as he does not have particularly close relationships with those senators. By praising Kavanaugh's accuser Chistine Blasey Ford as a "fine woman" and a "very credible witness", Trump has positioned himself in a sweet spot ahead of Federal Bureau of Investigation returning the Kavanaugh dossier to him this week.

On Twitter, Michael Bromwich, a lawyer for Ford, called Trump's remarks "a vicious, vile and soulless attack". He also said that sexual assault survivors may be hindered from coming forward as a result.

Several people with information related to the allegations against Kavanaugh have said they have tried in vain to speak with the FBI, which is due to wrap up its investigation this week.

"It's kind of appalling", Sen.

Appearing at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston, Flake said on Monday that he wants the FBI to conduct a "real investigation" and not one that "just gives us more cover". It was not immediately clear if Kavanaugh dropped out due to anticipation that he would be serving on the Supreme Court.

The president was in MS on Tuesday looking to use his influence to sway the outcome of a low-profile election that could tip the balance of the Senate.

Senator Jeff Flake, a moderate Republican who could be pivotal in the confirmation vote, raised concerns about the judge's "partisan" tone at the Judiciary Committee hearing. She was appointed by Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Senator Thad Cochran, who retired in April this year. However, the source could not confirm the reason Kavanaugh would not be teaching at the school in 2019 beyond the statement sent out by school officials that he could "no longer commit to teaching his course". "What we see is the evidence doesn't back up her story". "And a vote for Cindy is a vote for me".

"And a man's life is in tatters, a man's life is shattered", Trump continued. "They destroy people, these are really evil people", Trump said. It comes as Democrats have questioned whether he has been forthright about his drinking habits in his youth.

Some Republicans and White House allies have suggested the allegations against Kavanaugh can be potent political fodder in the run-up to November 6, animating GOP voters who have so far lacked the same motivation to head to the polls as their Democratic counterparts.

In the 2016 election, Trump won 53 percent of men compared with Hillary Clinton's 41 percent.

Trump, while making his case that Kavanaugh deserves a spot on the Supreme Court, told the rally crowd in MS, "I don't even know him". Voters will be casting ballots in November 6 elections in which Democrats are trying to seize control of Congress from Trump's party. The Judicial Crisis Network, which supports Kavanaugh, and the ACLU, which opposes him, both announced at least a million dollars in new advertising in recent days. Chris McDaniel, Hyde-Smith basked in the president's support.

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