Nintendo patents a case that transforms your phone into a Game Boy

Nintendo Has Patented a Functional GameBoy Case For Smartphones

Nintendo Has Patented a Functional GameBoy Case For Smartphones

The case has physical buttons and is created to look like an original Nintendo Game Boy system. A universal app that would allow games from their previous consoles, including home consoles would allow for an ever expanding library of games releasing platform updates as time goes on.

Japanese video game console manufacturer Nintendo has filed a patent for a flip or folio style case for smartphones with inbuilt controls which can turn your smartphone into a portable gaming hub and take you back to the classic Game Boy days.

Nintendo does not now have any Game Boy software available for Android or iOS devices, but the case design suggests that a line of handheld games are on the way.

Nintendo does not now offer any Game Boy software for Android or iOS devices, but this patented case could mean retro handheld games are on the way.

The Game Boy case would open up to the full phone screen on the right side.

This could definitely address the demand for a Game Boy revival without having to produce a different product altogether. Smartphone cases tend to be model-specific. Is there a size minimum and maximum? The decision to keep these parts of a user's phone available could be because Nintendo is intending this to be more than a novelty. That seems very unlikely. A pair of those will cost you 50 - hopefully this phone case, if it materialises, will come a little cheaper.

While the examples show the case being used on a smartphone, Nintendo has said it may not exclusively be used for just phones and "may be attached to other electronic equipment such as a tablet terminal that does not have a telephone function". It's a clever idea, and one that may have grabbed Nintendo's attention.

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