Vice President Pence says China interfering in U.S

Dairy farmers in Ontario are expressing concern about the new USMCA trade deal

Dairy farmers in Ontario are expressing concern about the new USMCA trade deal

Pence launched his full-throated attack in a speech to the Hudson Institute, accusing China of everything from predatory economic practices to military aggression to advance Chinese interests at the expense of the current world order.

"But the United States wants Beijing to pursue trade policies that are free, fair, and reciprocal", Pence said. He will say an intelligence official told him that what "the Russians are doing pales in comparison to what China is doing across this country".

Sounding the alarm, Pence will also warn other nations to be wary of doing business with China, condemning the Asian country's "debt diplomacy" that allows it to draw developing nations into its orbit.

China says that fresh accusations of political interference in the United States were unjustified and ridiculous, and urged the administration of US President Donald Trump to put an end to rumours and stop slandering the Chinese government.

"They do not want me or us to win because I am the first president ever to challenge China on trade", he said September 26 during remarks at a United Nations Security Council meeting in NY. The remarks underscore administration concern that anxiety over the trade battle could hurt Republican performance in the November 6 vote.

Pence said Chinese security agencies have masterminded the "wholesale theft of American technology", including military blueprints, and warned Washington would continue to take action. But that's normal. The Americans do it.

"This is nothing but speaking on hearsay evidence, confusing right and wrong and creating something out of thin air", Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said in the statement.

He will accuse China of threatening "to deny a business license for a major USA corporation if it refused to speak out against our administration's policies". Those tariffs have taken a toll on farm states like Iowa.

Trump has justified his trade policy by accusing China of stealing intellectual property and limiting access to its market. "Can't talk now, because they're not ready", Trump said on Monday after announcing a new trade pact with Canada and Mexico at the White House. The hundreds of millions in dollars of tariffs he's levied against the country have escalated tensions with Beijing.

In his speech, Pence offered only two examples related to the upcoming elections - the targeted tariffs and the advertising supplement - which did not rise to the level of the Russian effort to meddle in the 2016 election.

They specifically targeted industries and states that would play an important role in the 2018 election. "And, number two, I think there's been some attempt on the USA side to force something like the US will get 100 percent and China will get zero".

"As we speak, Beijing is employing a whole-of-government approach, using political, economic, and military tools, as well as propaganda, to advance its influence and benefit its interests in the United States", he said.

The New York Times reported that Pence will also refer to a Propaganda and Censorship Notice issued by Beijing.

The vice president's tough talk comes as lawmakers from both parties have called on the administration to clamp down on Chinese trade and military actions - while also warming relations from an increasingly icy state.

He pointed to a skirmish earlier this week in the South China Sea in which a Chinese navy vessel came within 45 yards of a US warship on a routine mission to protect freedom of navigation. China accused the USA of violating its "indisputable sovereignty".

"Despite such reckless harassment, the United States Navy will continue to fly, sail and operate wherever global law allows and our national interests demand". "We will not be intimidated, and we will not stand down".

According to Axios, the White House has been planning an "administration-wide" effort to "call out" and act upon China's reported actions against the U.S. Unnamed sources also told Axios the White House sees China as a threat to the U.S. on par with Russian Federation. The democratically governed island, which China considers part of its own territory, has seen Beijing lure away several of its diplomatic partners in recent months.

But Pence's speech contradicts one earlier in the week from Kirstjen Nielsen, secretary of Homeland Security, who said she saw no direct attempts by China to interfere in USA elections but did see evidence that China was trying through propaganda and other efforts to shape US public opinion of Beijing.

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