Carolina Panthers: Key players to watch against New York Giants

Which coach would you want running the Panthers

Which coach would you want running the Panthers

A back-breaker. He just has an undeniable ability to make things happen when you think there's no possible way, and he almost willed the Giants to a win on Sunday.

There's an individual matchup in this game that the Panthers should exploit for major yards and points. McCaffrey is averaging almost six yards per attempt, though he has just one for 20-plus on the season.

Though Newton has been sacked six times, his 28 rush attempts for 4.9 yards per offset that, and No. 1 backfield performer Christian McCaffrey has ben solid too.

That would have been good from 70!

Reid's versatility lends well to what Carolina expects from its defensive backs. Carolina held Dallas, which averages 16.8 points per game (30th), scoreless until the fourth quarter of a 16-8 Week 1 Panthers win.

Entering this season, it was expected to be a three team race between the New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons and the Panthers. New York's offense is mostly to blame, because its defense has been astoundingly decent. There is hope: Eli Manning has been accurate for 74 percent completions, four TDs and just one pick-but he has ben sacked 15 times already for a total loss of 126 (!) yards. Expect Barkley to either double his carries this week or have backup Wayne Gallman carry more than twice. But surprisingly he has yet to have 20 carries in a game this year. The Panthers are allowing 110 yards per game on the ground.

The 57-yard score represents the first passing touchdown in Beckham's career. The last member of the Panthers to protest was defensive end Julius Peppers, who stayed in the locker room prior to the anthem past year when players around the league protested.

Beckham's game began with a one-handed catch near the sideline on the Giants' second offensive play of the game.

Of course, what Kuechly didn't see too much of on tape this week were zone read options, something Shula ran frequently with Newton as his quarterback.

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