Construction, health-care jobs fuel big employment in capital region

The Statistics Canada offices at Tunney's Pasture in Ottawa are seen

The Statistics Canada offices at Tunney's Pasture in Ottawa are seen

Statistics Canada says the country's job market bounced back last month from August with a gain of 63,000 positions, edging the unemployment rate lower to 5.9 per cent.

On a year-over-year basis, Canada gained 222,000 jobs since September 2017 or 1.2 per cent, entirely the result of gains in full-time work (+224,000).

August saw a net decline of more than 51,000 positions, pushing the unemployment rate to six per cent. Year-over-year, employment is up by 220,000 jobs or 1.2 per cent.

Statistics Canada's labour force survey compiled job data from July, August and September in all three Northern territories.

"Full time employment was down 17K but that was more than offset by the huge 80K gain in part-time positions".

The job gains were also nearly entirely in Ontario and British Columbia, with most other provinces fairly static.

Unemployment in the region was recorded at 6 per cent in August.

Around 13,000 jobs were added in finance, insurance, real estate and rental and leasing, mostly in Ontario and Alberta. But he wrote the current reading "looks more in line with other measures of wages" and suggests "inflationary pressures aren't set to take off". It quickly gave up all the gains as USA data showed the unemployment rate fell to near a 49-year low of 3.7 percent.

Construction employed 17,700 in Greater Victoria in September, up from 14,500 in the same month previous year. This would contribute to the uptick in the jobless rate, as the number of people working is up from 96,300 this time a year ago to 97,900. Full-time employment dropped by 16,900 jobs.

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