Google shutting down social network Google+ after security bug disclosed

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At the time, multiple governments were scrutinizing Facebook over its data practices, and, according to WSJ's report, this seems to be the reason why Google failed to disclose its security issue to the public.

Earlier today, the Wall Street Journal reported Google discovered the flaw, which exposed the data of thousands of users, earlier this year. As a result of a software bug related to the APIs used for Google+, 438 apps potentially had access to names, birthdates, email addresses, profile photos, occupations and more data covering 496,951 Google+ users. The glitch was live for almost three years, according to the reports, but Google decided not to make the breach public because it feared regulation. "None of those thresholds were met here", he said.

Google+ minus people: In a blog post published after the article ran, Google said it had found no evidence data had been abused, and that it would shut off consumer access to Google+ (a corporate version will presumably continue to run).

The Wall Street Journal reporter Douglas MacMillan discusses how Google CEO Sundar Pichai denied the allegations that the company silences conservative voices and how regulations would impact the tech giant.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the report.

Google also said it would begin restricting the data it provides to outside developers.

Ortega said such delays in reporting data leaks could become more common among technology companies as they looked to protect their reputation in the wake of legislation and privacy laws.

The company says it didn't find any evidence that any of the affected personal information was misused. The bug allowed for developers that had access to Google+'s API to access information of users that gave permission to the program.

Google then noted how the site wasn't really becoming a strong social destination, despite the fact that it could link up with other pages such as Gmail, Blogger and YouTube.

Google said today that it has chose to shut down the consumer version of the Google+ app.

Google will retire its Google+ social network after it admitted to finding flaws that may have exposed private data from up to half a million accounts.

The consumer version was found to have low usage and engagement, with 90 percent of Google+ user sessions lasting fewer than five seconds, according to the firm.

The issue was discovered and patched in March as part of a review of how Google shares data with other applications.

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