Trump says new tax-cut plan may come before November midterm vote

US President Donald Trump's persistently low approval ratings may dash any Republican hopes of bucking history by avoiding the loss of House seats in the midterm elections

US President Donald Trump's persistently low approval ratings may dash any Republican hopes of bucking history by avoiding the loss of House seats in the midterm elections

"By the way, Joe Biden is in Las Vegas", Trump said, during a rally in Elko, Nevada.

Biden, whose appearance ended shortly before Trump's began, said the United States was founded "on an idea, the American idea, basic fundamental decency, and it's being shredded".

He said that his administration is "going to figure it out" and that he's "already figured it out", but didn't elaborate on what the administration is doing to stop the caravan from entering the USA, instead telling the crowd that he would keep it "low-key" until after the election.

In a post-rally interview before boarding Air Force One, Trump said he hopes Democrats nominate Biden. "The Democrats don't care that a flood of illegal immigration will bankrupt our country".

Trump struck much the same theme throughout the week, as he has tried to frame the choices for voters in the upcoming election. One official familiar with the discussions said Trump has pushed congressional leaders to introduce another tax cut package before the November 6 election.

American values, "are being shredded", Biden said. Unless offset by spending reductions, any new tax cut would add to the deficit, which reached US$779 billion (S$1 trillion) in Mr Trump's first full year in office.

In a tweet, the president said Heller had "become a good friend" who was "all about #MAGA".

Following the emotionally charged and at times aggressive protests in Washington during the hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump and other Republicans have repeatedly accused Democrats of stoking irrational fears and inciting "mobs" to publicly shout down their political opposition. On Monday, the President will be in Texas to campaign for Republican Sen.

White House officials say if an individual evades the new system and reaches the U.S. border, Mexico will now allow the refugees to be returned to its country.

But Heller himself once had rocky relations with Trump and had returned a campaign donation from then-candidate Trump over Trump's immigration rhetoric. Under the new GOP law, those cuts expire after a decade.

But the poll found that Democrats led among all women at 57 percent to 32 percent, among Latinos at 66 percent to 26 percent, and those ages 18 to 34 at 58 percent to 32 percent, the poll found.

Rep. Ted Deutch looks on as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi speaks during a roundtable on gun violence at Coral Springs City Hall, Oct. 17, 2018, in Coral Springs, Fla. Obama came along and took him off the trash heap and made him vice president. It seemed reminiscent of the time previous year when Trump cracked open the door of bipartisanship with those leaders, who emerged from a White House meeting to say Trump had agreed to work toward a deal on protection young immigrants. "We are studying very deeply right now round the clock a major tax cut for middle-income people".

President Trump has been traveling across the country the past several weeks, to rally up support for Republican candidates in multiple states.

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