Federal carbon tax rebate a 'vote-buying scheme:' Saskatchewan premier

Everyone Is Talking About The New Carbon Tax In Canada Here’s How It Will Affect You featured image

Everyone Is Talking About The New Carbon Tax In Canada Here’s How It Will Affect You featured image

The new tax will have the most impact in Ontario, Canada's most populous province, where the new right-of-center Conservative government of Premier Doug Ford says it will take Ottawa to court over the plan.

The federal government will return 90 per cent of all the money it collects from a carbon price directly to the Canadians who pay it.

But what many don't know is this new federal carbon tax will spike our cost of living - from groceries to our Amazon deliveries. It's an economic revolution that takes us beyond blockchain and cryptocurrencies and cannabis into a fearless new universe in which money goes round and round and everybody wins.

Mark Cameron, the executive director of the institute and a former policy director in prime minister Stephen Harper's office, said the incentive to reduce emissions remains in place because if you reduce your fuel consumption through taking public transit, or buying a more efficient furnace or an electric auto, you will save even more money.

The amount varies province to province based on the kinds of energy sources in each.

Here's how those dollars will be doled out. Heavy emitters will have to report on their emissions from 2019 after the end of the calendar year, and will then have the option to purchase credits or carbon offsets, or to pay the federal carbon price. Come 2022, the rebate for the average Ontario family of four will be $718. What is a carbon tax?

But a rebate of roughly $600 in 2019 (rising to just above $1,400 in 2022) would also be provided at tax time to that same family, prompting Moe's accusation of vote buying.

A typical family of four will receive $609 back in 2019.

Trudeau says that Canada is done doing the minimum when it comes to fighting climate change.

In 2019 each single adult or first adult in a couple will receive $170; the second adult will receive $85 as will single parents for their first child; and for each child in a family the rebate will be $42.

Average Ont. family of 4 to receive $307 in carbon tax rebates

In a statement, Trudeau's office rebutted those claims, noting that provinces that moved early to introduce carbon pollution pricing systems - Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec - had the best economic growth in the country in 2017.

The amount raised by a national price on carbon will be substantial.

For either having their own plan, or adopting the federal government's, all nine of these governments get to decide for themselves how the revenue from their plans will be spent and will not be part of this rebate system.

Federal Minister of Public Safety and Regina-Wascana MP Ralph Goodale was in Regina, speaking to local reporters about the carbon tax.

"I don't know where they think they can come up with the money to pay for these cheques".

Trudeau said the 2014 agreement for light armoured vehicles, signed by Canada's previous Conservative government and a Canadian unit of U.S. weapons maker General Dynamics Corp, had been written in such a way that taxpayers would have to pay a large amount of money to end it.

Officials said goal of the overall carbon pollution pricing system isn't to generate revenue, but to influence consumption and investment decisions toward greener alternatives.

Led by Trudeau and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna in Toronto, ministers also will be speaking in New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and Manitoba - provinces that aren't complying with Ottawa's plan.

Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer, who has promised the carbon tax will be scrapped if he becomes prime minister, said Tuesday it is a lie that most people will get a rebate larger than their carbon tax bill.

"Conservatives, like Canadians, see through this cynical election gimmick and we will hold Justin Trudeau to account".

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