Diablo Immortal revealed for Android and iOS mobile devices

World of Warcraft: Classic Demo Limits Play to 60 Minutes

World of Warcraft: Classic Demo Limits Play to 60 Minutes

Take a look at the gameplay trailer, which shows off some classic bloody Diablo action set against the gothic world of Sanctuary that fans have hacked and slashed through countless times.

The response from the presenter on stage was handled deftly and with kindness despite just having their hard work reduced in front of a live audience. We can't wait to try out the new content and games that were revealed this year - particularly Overwatch's Ashe, who needs to get here ASAP.

Blizzard Entertainment today unveiled Warcraft III: Reforged, a stunning reimagining of the revolutionary real-time strategy game that laid the foundation for Azeroth's most epic stories.

The game is a massively online RPG where players will be able to drop in and out of the game in groups and play through some dynamic events.

A lot of people disagreed, and immediately began complaining both online and in-person about this apparent slight, this bastardization of "their" franchise, this complete abandonment of rational thought by a company that routinely creates some of the best and most successful games to ever exist. The game launches in 2019, and comes with the popular World Editor tool, and Battle.net support.

"We love 'Diablo"," Cheng said in the lead-up to the announcement.

Enlarge / Diablo Immortal's control scheme on smartphone.

Introduced as a remaster for "another Titan" in a knowing what was probably a knowing nod to its lore, the announcement was made by Pete Stilwell, senior producer at Blizzard, during the opening ceremony of BlizzCon 2018.

If you're interested in pre-registering for Diablo: Immortal you can do so here.

Those eager to join the fight are encouraged to visit http://www.diabloimmortal.com to pre-register for special rewards and be among the first to experience Diablo Immortal.

Going into BlizzCon, many Diablo fans were on the edge of their seats, anticipating some big Diablo-related news.

It's a hard pill for many to swallow as Diablo 3 released in 2012 so fans were expecting the logical next step forward for the franchise to be Diablo 4.

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