Norway summons Iranian ambassador over Denmark assassination plan

Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen gives a press conference in Copenhagen

Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen gives a press conference in Copenhagen

Shortly after being summoned by the Iranians, Ambassador Danny Annan was recalled by Copenhagen and left the country, Danish officials said.

"Plans by a foreign intelligence service to assassinate an individual in Denmark are in no way justifiable", the intelligence service added.

"In fact, the gravity of the matter is hard to describe", Foreign Minister, Andres Samuelsen said, adding that has been made crystal clear to the Iranian ambassador in Copenhagen.

It is reported that the decision came after the Copenhagen accused the Iranian intelligence in the preparation of an attack on Iranian opposition activist in the country.

The Israeli intelligence agency provided key information to its Danish counterpart to save Iranian dissidents from being murdered by Iranian government agents.

Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen stated on Tuesday at a news conference in Copenhagen that the country would push for new sanctions against Tehran, working with European partners on a response to the incident.

During a televised press conference, Borch Andersen noted that Iran already was suspected of targeting opposition groups overseas.

Iran's Foreign Ministry has summoned the Danish ambassador to Tehran, following the arrest of an Iranian-Norwegian national for allegedly plotting an attack in Denmark.

The EU is trying to save big powers' 2015 deal with Iran that curbed its nuclear activity in exchange for the lifting of global sanctions after the United States withdrew from the pact and reimposed far-flung financial penalties on Tehran.

The alleged attack was meant to target a leader of the Danish branch of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahvaz (ASMLA).

Denmark ordered its ambassador to Iran home following the foiled plot.

The ASMLA is an Arab nationalist insurgent group that advocates a separate Arab ethnic state in Khuzestan Province in Persian-dominated Iran.

In September, Tehran accused Denmark, the Netherlands and Britain of harbouring opposition members that Iran accuses of being responsible for the military parade attack in Ahvaz.

Ghasemi earlier called the Danish allegations "a continuation of conspiracies by the enemies of good and developing relations between Iran and Europe".

"It is the Iranian government, it is the Iranian state that is behind" the plot, Samuelsen said.

"We deplore any threat to EU security and take every incident extremely seriously, and therefore we stand in solidarity with the member state concerned, in this case Denmark", Maja Kocijancic, a spokeswoman for the European Commission, told reporters.

During a Fourth of July event this year, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed that European leaders had invited Iran's President Hassan Rouhani to attend a meeting on the nuclear deal, during the same week that the Islamic regime had dispatched a terrorist cell to carry out a major attack in Paris on a dissident rally.

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