At least 14 killed in China highway pile-up

The accident happened in Lanzhou in northwestern China's Gansu Province

The accident happened in Lanzhou in northwestern China's Gansu Province

In another road accident, police in northwestern China said a bus in the city of Hanzhong, Shaanxi province, lost control Saturday afternoon, swerving into traffic and killing at least two people.

According to media reports, "Another 44 people were injured in the pile-up at the toll station which is close to Lanzhou, capital of Gansu".

Authorities in China say 15 people have been killed and 44 injured in a highway pile-up.

As well as those killed, authorities said 44 people were hurt including 10 who suffered serious injuries.

The accident occurred Saturday night as the driver of the heavy duty articulated truck lost control on a downhill stretch of expressway and collided with cars lining up at a toll booth, Lanzhou's propaganda department said.

The truck driver, who was only slightly injured in the crash, is under police guard and is being investigated.

A security footage from a bus that plunged into a river in China on Sunday revealed a fist fight between the driver and a passenger ultimately led to the vehicle's doom.

The truck driver who lost control of the Board, crashed into the 31 auto.

Local authorities have demanded that unsafe sections of expressways across the province be examined.

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