He ate a slug on a dare, became paralyzed and died

Ballard swallowed the slug on a'dare

Ballard swallowed the slug on a'dare

But on Friday, Sam passed away surrounded by family and friends.

The brain infection left Ballard in a coma for 420 days and paralysed him from the waist down. Meanwhile, Sam's mother does not blame his friends for his health, insisting that they were just kids who didn't know any better at that time.

Mr Ballard's funeral will be held on Thursday.

Ms Ballard nevertheless previously acknowledged how the incident had "devastated" her and her son's lives, saying: "It's devastated, changed his life forever, changed my life forever".

In 2010, Ballard and his friends were hanging out in the backyard of his family's Sydney home when they saw the slug going by.

In 2016, Katie Ballard applied to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) when Sam became eligible for a £300,000 package.

Doctors determined that the Australian man had contracted eosinophilic meningitis - a rare disease that affects the membranes of the brain and spinal cord - from the slug, which was infected with the rat lungworm parasite, according to Sky News.

A promising Sydney rugby player has died, eight years after a dare by his mates left him paralysed. She reported that his last words were "I love you", said to his mom.

"We were sitting over here having a bit of a red wine appreciation night, trying to act as grown up and a slug came crawling across here", he said. Hopefully your friends will keep visiting your mum and family in the coming years.

Over the past decade, he regained some use of his arms and legs but required assistance to eat and use the bathroom.

When his friends visited, they said his face lit up and he was very much "still there". Eight years later it killed him.

In 2011, Katie shared a post on Facebook, maintaining hope that her "rough-and-tumble Sam" would recover.

'May Sam's star always shine bright, just the way it did in life, ' a mourner wrote.

His eyes would always light up when they came around. "He spent the afternoon laughing at me as I read him the sports section of the newspaper with new glasses on. The impact is huge".

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