SNL's Kenan Thompson Calls Out Pete Davidson Over Crenshaw Joke



Pete Davidson may have received positive marks for his gentlemanly treatment of his breakup with Ariana Grande during his appearance on Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update", but his comments about one GOP candidate's wartime injury have a lot of viewers crying foul. "I'm sorry, I know he lost his eye in war, or whatever", the comedian said, continuing to laugh.

There was, of course, backlash.

"This guy is kind of cool, Dan Crenshaw", Davidson said.

"This "joke" was disgusting and as the grandson of two WWII veterans I'm ashamed it was on NBC's air", Mr. They had little faith I would see again, but the fact they said there was a chance ... In the segment, Davidson was taking jabs at various candidates running for office in the midterm elections.

On Monday, the former Navy SEAL Crenshaw was interviewed on "Fox & Friends" to respond to an offensive joke by SNL cast member Pete Davidson.

Despite the outrage from both sides of the aisle, Crenshaw doesn't want an apology from Davidson, because he's exhausted of Americans being so sensitive.

"My father is a veteran, Vietnam, and I personally would never necessarily go there", Thompson said on the Today show.

"I will say that if it were Tammy Duckworth, who is also a hero, as well, and a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, if someone had been making fun of her, I don't know if we would have the same reaction", she said.

Thompson also defended Davidson, stating, "Pete's a very. humble dude and he has a big heart". "I think what him and maybe the producers at SNL should do is pool their money together - let's throw a figure out there, a million dollars - and let's donate that to a series of veteran's nonprofits".

"Good rule in life: I try hard not to offend; I try harder not to be offended".

"I want us to get away from this culture where we demand apologies every time someone misspeaks", he told TMZ.

"They certainly crossed the line, but their apology won't mean anything to me", he said.

Even co-host Whoopi Goldberg couldn't get on board with Davidson's remarks, and said that it simply wasn't amusing. "They are feeling the heat from around the country right now and that's fine".

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