Boeing to issue safety advice on 737 MAX after Indonesia crash

The Boeing 737 MAX 8

The Boeing 737 MAX 8

The advice is based on preliminary information gathered in the investigation of a Lion Air flight that crashed in Indonesia last week killing all 189 on board, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters.

Rusdi Kirana, Lion Air's co-founder, was not invited to speak by Transport Minister Budi Karya Sumadi, who moderated the meeting between relatives and the officials who are overseeing the search effort and accident investigation. All 189 passengers and crew for the Boeing 737 are feared dead after the plane crashed shortly after takeoff as investigators and agencies from around the world continue its week-long search for the main wreckage and cockpit voice recorder which might solve the mystery.

A rescue diver also died in the salvage operation after the crash. All 189 passengers and crew are feared to have died when the plane crashed shortly after takeoff on October 29.

"We know that three other crews faced a similar challenge in this airplane and they landed successfully", he said, referring to the findings of airspeed indicator malfunctions on four flights including the fatal one.

The head of Indonesia's National Transportation Safety Committee, Soerjanto Tjahjono, told reporters in Jakarta on Monday that he was discussing the options for wider inspections with Boeing and his us counterparts.

Speaking with victims' families in Jakarta, Soerjanto said there was a technical problem with the new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft on the day of the crash.

"When there was a problem, the pilot would write it down and the mechanic would do (a repair) ..."

An area that investigators will want to explore is how Lion Air addressed a recurring problem on the plane.

"We don't know yet where the problem lies, what fix has been done, what their reference books are, what components have been removed".

A week after the disaster, there is still no answer as to what caused the crash.

Divers located the plane's fuselage on Saturday, with one volunteer dying while working to recover human remains.

Muhammad Bambang Sukandar, the father of another victim, said Lion Air technicians needed to take "full responsibility" if it was proved they had not properly attended to technical issues following the jet's previous flight from Bali to Jakarta. The budget airline has frequently received complaints over safety issues, poor service and unreliable scheduling.

Lion Air confirmed to CNN that the same aircraft was used on that route, and Indonesian authorities confirmed that the pilot on the flight reported a problem with one of the plane's instruments. "We ask NTSB and Boeing to work on this to prevent same accident happening in the future".

Civil Aviation authorities in the United States and Europe were also being consulted for their help in the probe, he added.

With the data recorder in the hands of investigators, the NTSC has recovered about 69 hours of flying data by the crashed jet during its last 19 trips. Due to the force of the crash into the sea, so far no bodies have been found intact.

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