Democrats take control of the Maine Legislature

US Democratic Congressional candidate Jahana Hayes with her son Myles checks in to receive her ballot to vote-Reuters

US Democratic Congressional candidate Jahana Hayes with her son Myles checks in to receive her ballot to vote-Reuters

She said: "Today is more than about Democrats and Republicans, it's about restoring the Constitution's checks and balances to the Trump administration".

The Republicans' control of the Senate is arguably more significant, says the BBC's Aleem Maqbool in Washington, because Mr Trump focused his campaigning on Senate races, and candidates he backed clearly benefited. Lindsey Graham, who led an effort to impeach President Bill Clinton, warned his Democratic colleagues of the perils of that approach.

"I am so honoured to share both the ballot and the stage with the many visionary, bold women who have raised their hand to run for public office", said Ayanna Pressley, who became the first black woman elected to Congress from MA.

Trump also said he hopes he can work with Congress to get enough money to build the wall but that he would not necessarily force a government shutdown over the issue.

Asked about potential investigations, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said in a CNN interview Wednesday that "the president is not nervous about anything".

He scorned Utah's Mia Love and Virginia's Barbara Comstock.

Trump reeled off a shopping list of disadvantages he claimed that the Republicans had faced going into Tuesday's vote, including "wealthy donors and special interests" for the Democrats, and "very hostile media coverage".

The White House news conference was punctuated by Trump's escalating attacks on the media. He called CNN's Jim Acosta, with whom he has frequently spared, "a rude, bad person".

Trump also called out Republicans who did not accept his offer of campaign help, saying they failed to accept his "embrace".

Trump said he wasn't sure whether he should be happy or sad about their defeats.

But while some of the red state Senate candidates whom Trump campaigned for did win, the results in the many suburban congressional seats previously held by Republicans now in Democratic hands show voters sent a decidedly mixed signal. Republicans are likely to expand their majority in the Senate, and Democrats lost some governorships that they badly wanted, especially in OH and Florida.

Ron DeSantis winning the tight gubernatorial race in Florida, Mike Braun unseating Democratic Sen.

Neal is just one of a number of House Democrats in leadership positions who could deliver subpoenas or start investigations of Trump's finances, business dealings and ties to Russian Federation.

Democrats have called for investigations of Cabinet officials' alleged misuse of taxpayer funds, Trump's immigration policies that have separated hundreds of migrant children from their parents at the U.S. "And if it becomes clear that this is another move to shut down the Mueller investigation, then that is something that we'll have to seriously consider".

Wrapping up the campaign in recent days, Trump repeatedly raised fears about immigrants, issuing harsh warnings about a caravan of Central American migrants that is moving slowly through Mexico towards the United States border.

"All you're going to do is end up in back and forth and back and forth, and two years is going to go up and we won't have done a thing".

"I think the key principle is that we've got to make progress on the real problems of the country".

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California, who would be in line to become the next speaker when Congress convenes in January, spoke of "a new day in America".

Democrats have already piled up scores of subpoenas of documents and witnesses which Republicans have repeatedly rejected over the past two years.

Mr. Trump's comments angered Rep. Ryan A. Costello, a Pennsylvania Republican who is retiring this year. "The fact is we'd like to work together".

Trump encouraged voters to view the first nationwide election of his presidency as a referendum on his leadership, pointing proudly to the surging economy at recent rallies. Trump also held out an olive branch to Pelosi, 78, a former Speaker who is a front runner for the job, but who is opposed by more than 50 members of her own party who want a fresh face and younger blood to lead them.

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