Diablo Immortal would’ve been appropriate if there was a Diablo 4 announcement

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal

According to Kotaku, Blizzard actually planned a Diablo 4 announcement as the keynote finish but it was pulled at the last minute.

He followed up that information with: "We still have multiple Diablo teams working on multiple unannounced Diablo projects". One fan asked if the game would ever see a PC or console release, to which Blizzard said no. And it always will be.

We'll certainly be seeing more from the upcoming mobile exclusive in the coming months and I for one am looking forward to punishing evil on the toilet.

Probably not soon - it could take until E3 next year (so June 2019) or even later (potentially Blizzcon next year, in November).

Diablo Immortal isn't replacing an existing Diablo game. Cowen & Company said whatever business model the game uses, it might be hard for the game to make money in the western market because expectations for extra payments are different than in other parts of the world such as China. Based on how little we have heard, such a title may still be a couple of years off and Blizzard clearly wanted to shine the spotlight on Diablo Immortal, which should be a fun installment nonetheless. Stopping short of formally announcing Diablo 4, Blizzard has stated that it's working on the Diablo game its fans want, but that it wouldn't appear at Blizzcon.

At the time of writing, Diablo Immortal cinematic trailer has over 390,000 dislikes on YouTube with just around 15,000 likes.

Following Diablo Immortal's reveal at Blizzcon this weekend, many fans have reacted to the announcement negatively as most hoped for a next major installment to the franchise. Pre-registered players are eligible to participate in future beta tests and earn in-game rewards, as well as receive news and updates.

Speaking at the start of a Diablo worlds and Q&A panel, Cheng reiterated Immortal was just one of the Diablo projects in development at Blizzard. "We consider this a huge opportunity to show the world, and particularly Western gamers, NetEase's strong R&D capabilities". Initially, Kotaku reported that this was meant to be the closer for BlizzCon 2018's presentation, but this has been disputed by Blizzard. And reinforcements are always only a tap away thanks to the native Blizzard Battle.net UI designed specifically for Diablo Immortal, which allows you to chat and form groups easily in the middle of the most frantic battle.

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