This man wants to be trans-age

69-year-old... sorry 49-year-old Emile Ratelband. Credit CEN

69-year-old... sorry 49-year-old Emile Ratelband. Credit CEN

So congrats, we guess, to this huge giant piss baby from the Netherlands who is attempting to legally lower his age as he "identifies" as someone younger.

Worryingly, if it's happening now it's nearly certainly going to be an occurrence when you reach your 60s.

Firstly, Ratelband is now aged 69 which is quite frankly just a wondrous age to be, as you get to be the age of the sex number for a full 12 months! Needs must and all that.

One of the judges wanted to know what would become of the 20 years that Mr Ratelband wanted to erase.

So what's his argument?

The man described himself as young God and said his doctors said he has a body of 45-year-old!

Many years ago, they refused to let him name his twins, Rolls and Royce, after the carmaker.

However, his local government does not agree with him and has denied his request of amending the age field on his documents.

BBC reported that Mr Ratelband is a media personality who had voiced the character Vladimir Trunkov in the Dutch-language version of the Pixar film Cars 2.

The self-proclaimed positivity guru argued that he feels 20 years younger, and compared the age difference to being transgender, despite the concept being completely different from biological genders.

He said: "When I'm 69, I am limited. If I'm 49, then I can buy a new house, drive a different auto", he said. "I can take up more work", he said.

On Tinder, he says he gets no responses from prospective ladies - all because of his age. If I'm 49, then I can buy a new house, drive a different vehicle.

He says people have contacted him to express their support and to say they have been discriminated against because of their age.

According to Ratelband's claims, companies in the Netherlands are reluctant to hire people of his age as consultants.

He also said he was willing to renounce his right to a pension to ensure there were no unforeseen consequences of his age change.

The judge said that he had some sympathy with Mr Ratelband as people could now change their gender which would once have been unthinkable.

The life coach, who specialises in "self awareness" training, said he felt discriminated against because of his advanced years.

At first, he said, the judges "laughed like little girls". His case has already been heard and the court should issue a verdict within a couple of weeks.

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