White House suspends press credentials of CNN journalist after spat with Trump

Jim Acosta

Jim Acosta

"Here we go", Trump said to Acosta.

Mr Acosta persisted, saying: "They are hundreds of miles away".

"I tell you what, CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them", the President said, shaking a finger at Acosta.

"[Trump] came out right after his inauguration and said his inauguration crowds were bigger than President Obama's, when they weren't", Acosta previously said in a CNN segment.

Defending Acosta, the CNN said the Trump administration's decision was "a threat to democracy". Video footage and photographs showed the intern grazing Acosta's arm in trying to pry the microphone away, and briefly making contact with the hand holding the microphone. You shouldn't be working for CNN.

During Wednesday's White House news conference, Acosta and Trump sparred over a question of whether Trump had "demonized immigrants" by calling a caravan of Central American migrants "an invasion".

At the news conference, which lasted 1 hour and 26 minutes, Trump snapped at the press corps, called reporters "rude" for asking questions, and made baseless claims about political polling. Baker wrote that he believes Trump called on Acosta at the presser because "he wants the confrontation".

"That's enough", Trump said, repeatedly telling Acosta to put down the microphone. CNN stood by him, writing in a statement that Sanders "provided fraudulent accusations and cited an incident that never happened".

Earlier a visibly angry Trump had branded Acosta an "enemy of the people" on national television, after the CNN White House correspondent refused the president's orders to sit down and give up the microphone during a press conference one day after the U.S. midterm vote.

A White House aide immediately approached Acosta and unsuccessfully tried to grab the microphone from him, Efe news reported.

Blatantly lying to the public and demonizing the press are just two of the many troubling aspects of how the White House is handling this issue.

James O'Brien had strong words for Donald Trump. I think they're trying to shut us down.

The Wall Street Journal in another article said Trump did not need to win the midterm elections as much as he needed to avoid disaster, something he achieved.

In another article-which was published as a conversation between columnists Frank Bruni and Ross Douthat-in The New York Times, Douthat pointed out that throughout the 2016 campaign, Republicans were hopeful that "Trump would start behaving a little more like a normal politician, or just a normal human being".

"Just sit down, please", Trump told Acosta, who asked the president off mic about his description of the media as "the enemy of the people".

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