FastCast: deGrom, Snell win Cy Young

Peter Alonso

Peter Alonso

Looking forward, while the Rays are more experimental with pitching roles than any club in the league, there's little doubt that Snell will be handled like a traditional front-of-the-rotation workhorse. Led by Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr., MLB now features record levels of labor peace, competitive balance and industry revenues, as well as the most comprehensive drug-testing program in American professional sports.

The American League consists of the following teams: Baltimore Orioles; Boston Red Sox; Chicago White Sox; Cleveland Indians; Detroit Tigers; Houston Astros; Kansas City Royals; Los Angeles Angels; Minnesota Twins; New York Yankees; Oakland Athletics; Seattle Mariners; Tampa Bay Rays; Texas Rangers; and Toronto Blue Jays. Aaron Nola finished in third.

The New York Mets ace easily won the National League Cy Young Award on Wednesday night, a reward for a historically fruitless season in Flushing.

The Mets' righty was expected to win, and he won in a landslide by taking 29 out of 30 available first-place votes.

Snell got 17 first-place votes and 169 points to 13 first-place votes and 154 points for Verlander. While Snell had the ERA edge over the competition, Verlander pitched about 35 more innings and led the league with 290 strikeouts.

Thus did Scherzer, whose 2.53 ERA ranked third in the NL behind deGrom and Nola (2.37), come up short in his quest for back-to-back-to-back Cy Young Awards, a feat previously achieved only by Greg Maddux and Randy Johnson.

His 180 2/3 innings are the fewest for a Cy Young-winning starting pitcher in a nonstrike season.

Scherzer's lone first-place vote came from John Maffei of the San Diego Union-Tribune. The end result was 3.39 ERA (2.95 FIP) with 220 strikeouts in 191.1 innings, which is obviously quite good.

DeGrom has received Cy Young votes in two prior seasons but had never finished in the top five.

Kluber was attempting to win his second straight Cy Young and third overall.

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