Google’s Renowned Project Fi Wireless Service Is Finally Coming to iPhone

Google Fi,Project Fi,google fi iphone

Google Fi,Project Fi,google fi iphone

Google's Project Fi is now officially known as Google Fi, and the MVNO now supports a host of new devices from manufacturers like Samsung and OnePlus.

Google Fi's Network Tools feature will not work on iPhones. First, it combines cellular and WiFi so that you may be making calls or receiving text messages over WiFi, but the service will seamlessly transition to cellular when you leave a hotspot. What makes Google Fi unique is that Google licenses service from multiple cellular companies and bundles them together-specifically, using Google Fi in the US means your device will combine the T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular networks and will jump among them as needed. In the rare instance that someone uses more than 15GB in a single billing period, remaining cellular data may be throttled but is still free.

Freshly renamed "Google Fi" service aims to take on traditional carriers by letting people pay based on how much data they use and roam internationally.

A few other reasons I've been using Fi for the past year or so include free tethering, no additional charge for global data, and relatively affordable worldwide phone calls.

Google first launched Project Fi in 2015 as a phone service for its own Pixel line of phones.

Google Fi ditches the old yellow and green color scheme in favor of a combo of Google's iconic green, blue, red, and yellow hues and now has plenty of the fancy Google Sans font everywhere you look.

Still, phones that are optimized for Google Fi, including Google's Pixel phones and a few handsets from LG and Motorola, will work better.

But with a Google Fi app, which is used to manage your plan and activate Fi service, now in Apple's App Store, shady workarounds are finally a thing of the past. Then you'll need a phone that's officially created to support Fi. As far as semi-current devices go, there are a whopping six "Fi-compatible" phones: The Google Pixel 3, Google Pixel 2, Moto G6, Moto X4, LG G7, and LG V35.

Google's Project Fi is now ready to expand support to the iPhone and more Android phones, with a rebranding of the service to "Google Fi" now confirmed.

If you're new to Fi and decide to buy a phone from Google Fi today, Google will give you the same value back in your choice of travel gift cards.

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