SpaceX Rocket Misses Landing Pad and Falls Into the Ocean

Falcon rocket launching into space. Image via Pixabay

Falcon rocket launching into space. Image via Pixabay

On Wednesday afternoon, unmanned SpaceX Falcon 9 successfully lifted off at approximately 1:16 P.M for the worldwide space station.

Unloading the rocket on the ocean's landing platform is a bit screwy, but SpaceX has succeeded in making the Falcon safe in the sea.

SpaceX is contracted to carry out resupply missions to the ISS through 2024 using the Falcon 9 launch vehicle and Dragon spacecraft.

Today's incident marks the first time the Falcon has failed to land at designated spot (solid ground) ever since SpaceX began recovering boosters.

The trouble started shortly after Wednesday's afternoon launch, when the hydraulic system on the booster's grid fins failed, Musk tweeted, causing it to start spinning rapidly toward the Atlantic Ocean. Hans claimed that the water landing was pretty much smooth and today's incident showed how SpaceX's rocket are created to save itself in case if anything goes wrong.

The first-stage rockets have a 84 percent recovery rate, according to the company.

'Appears to be undamaged & is transmitting data.

"Engines stabilized rocket spin just in time, enabling an intact landing in water!"

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket blasted off carrying the Dragon spacecraft at Cape Canaveral on December 5, 2018.

SpaceX has been successfully landing its rockets back to base since 2015. About seven minutes after liftoff, the second stage and Dragon spacecraft separated from the Falcon 9's first stage and proceeded to Low Earth Orbit (LEO). The rocket was loaded with supplies, science experiments and food for the astronauts living there.

The Dragon space capsule that flew on Wednesday was used once before, on a supply mission in February 2017.

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