Winter trifecta: Solstice, full moon, meteor shower on Friday, Saturday

Everything to Know About the Spectacular Winter Solstice Moon

Everything to Know About the Spectacular Winter Solstice Moon tweet

Watch Historic Live Stream of Natural Wonder, Full Moon and Meteor Shower From Newgrange in Ireland. It marks the transition period at which days begin getting longer in the Northern Hemisphere and shorter in the Southern Hemisphere, and ushers in the Winter season.

The December Solstice occurs when the Sun reaches its most southerly declination, that's when the North Pole is tilted furthest away from the Sun.

21, 2018, the winter solstice marks the official astronomical start of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. According to, the last time a full moon matched with the winter solstice was in 2010, and it is not expected to happen again until 2094.

The Winter solstice is the shortest day and the longest night of 2018.

If the skies are clear at 3pm this afternoon - Friday 21st December - it is advised to head outside and enjoy the rare natural phenomenon. This is the Full Moon and the Winter Solstice happening in very, very close proximity.

The term solstice refers to the sun being directly overhead of the Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere at its most southern point.

Studio owner Sam Flemming said the summer solstice was a significant time in yoga practice as it marked a seasonal change.

It will officially begin at 5:23 NY this year. Tonight-and indeed tomorrow night-the moon will appear particularly round and full in the night sky near the constellation Orion.

The Ursid meteor shower will peak on Friday night.

Shown above is the orientation of the Earth relative to the sun's most direct rays around the time of the Northern Hemisphere's winter solstice. You might be able to see up to 10 "shooting stars" per hour depending on your location. They will be visible in a bright twilight.

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