US worker put under watch for Ebola virus

The Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha

The Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha

Should any symptoms develop, the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit would be activated and the person admitted. The facility also is not identifying the person as a patient or when the person was in Africa.

Nebraska Medical Center officials said that the physician was transported to the facility from the Congo by private plane and vehicle.

"The individual is isolated and under observation at a medical facility per standard medical protocol". "A total of 360 died, 203 cured", - said in a statement. Ebola patients or people who have been exposed to Ebola can be safely transported to the United States and cared for when appropriate precautions are used and infection control procedures are in place to prevent transmission to others, the CDC said.

More than 350 people have died in the Congo during the current Ebola crisis, although the World Health Organization says the outbreak doesn't pose an worldwide threat. The outbreak in northeastern Congo has been especially hard to control because it is taking place in an active war zone.

Congo has been battling an Ebola outbreak since August, culminating in 543 cases confirmed and 357 deaths as of late December, according to the World Health Organisation. The government issued a last-minute decision to bar people in Beni and Butembo from voting because of the outbreak.

The individual is likely someone working with one of the medical charities caring for Ebola patients in the outbreak zone. U.S.

"This person may have been exposed to the virus but is not ill and is not contagious", said Ted Cieslak MD, infectious diseases specialist with Nebraska Medicine and associate professor of epidemiology in the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health.

Ebola can incubate for three weeks before symptoms emerge. Early symptoms include headache, fever, chills and muscle pain. The physician was transported to the medical center on Saturday afternoon, where he will be observed in a secure area for up to two weeks.

The virus spreads through contact with bodily fluids and causes haemorrhagic fever with severe vomiting, diarrhoea and bleeding.

The medical centre is not providing any details to honour the person's request for privacy.

Unless the need arises, the UNMC will not be providing updates in the status of this individual during the monitoring period.

The Nebraska Medical Center treated three patients with Ebola in 2014, according to the statement, and the following year monitored several others after exposure, though none of those individuals developed the disease.

Should symptoms develop, the healthcare worker would be moved to the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit, one of only a few in the United States for treating infectious diseases.

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