Google's Fuchsia OS will be able to run Android apps

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Forward-looking: We've known for a while now that Google is working on the eventual successor to Android: Fuchsia OS.

Unsurprisingly, it looks like Fuchsia will be able to offer support for Android apps right off the bat, based on concrete evidence discovered by 9To5Google in Android's Open Source Project repositories. We did see a lot of rumors regarding Fuchsia OS replacing Android down the road, which could happen, as it would give Google more control regarding the development of the OS, and Fuchsia OS would be far more adaptable to various different devices, as already mentioned in this article.

As reported by 9to5Google, citing a change to the Android Gerrit, Fuchsia will use a specially designed version of the Android Runtime (as indicated by "ART" in the image below) to run Android apps. Sources have said it may arrive on connected home devices like voice-controlled speakers within the next three years before eventually moving to larger machines like laptops. With so many Android apps out there, it was always suspected that the new operating system would support them.

Many of you are probably not as familiar with the Google Fuchsia OS, and are wondering why is it being mentioned so frequently in news. According to the latest set of codes, the Fuchsia OS is supposed to run Android apps.

The questions that still need to be answered range from how will these apps be able to blend with the futuristic looking platform they will have to run on to the way the custom ART version will be able to act as an interface for the Zircon kernel. That's what any kind of Android replacement should do, to make sure that Android users would be able to seamlessly switch to a Fuchsia device without worrying about losing access to their Android apps ecosystem.

Unfortunately, the README doesn't explain how Fuchsia will use ART from there.

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