Project Cars studio to build "most powerful console ever"

Mad Box Console Slightly Mad Studios

Mad Box Console Slightly Mad Studios

Racing game developer Slightly Mad Studios has made a decision to branch out into the console manufacturing industry with their upcoming Mad Box console. Instead, much like most consoles, it will be about games. It's supposedly going to be possible for games built on existing engines to be ported to Mad Box easily, but like everything else related to it, few details exist so far.

According to Bell, the Mad Box is the answer to the growing monopoly problem.

All the intended Mad Box specs we have so far boil down to 4K resolution gaming, and - crucially - support for virtual reality headsets.

Most games are cross-platform nowadays anyway, and the few games which are exclusive play a large part in console purchase decisions.

Following the announcement, various Twitter users contacted Bell about this new console, who confirmed that the console will be able to run games in 4K resolution, and VR titles in 120FPS. It would also work with most VR headsets in the market. If accurate, this would match the top 120 Hz capability of PlayStation VR, and be beyond the 90 Hz of the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

The system aims to offer support for most major VR headsets, including some now upcoming devices, at 120 FPS.

Given how entrenched Microsoft and Sony's consoles are, though, the Mad Box could also end up as a console with no audience that noone can be bothered to develop any games for. What do you think about the Mad Box?

For those that missed the initial reveal, the founder of Slightly Mad Dog Studios tweeted out a simple "The Mad Box is coming". "We think exclusives are "exclusionary" but given that we'll be shipping a cross platform engine to all developers it will be their choice", Bell wrote. He told Ars Technica that the Mad Box is expected to launch in "three-plus years", and cost a "standard plus next-gen price". With little confirmed, and the exact scope of next-gen consoles still uncertain, it sounds like little more than hype - though we'd happily be proven wrong.

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