Fallout 76 nukes back online following hiccup

Fallout 76 Devs Tease New Features Including PvP Mode, Player Vending & More

Fallout 76 Devs Tease New Features Including PvP Mode, Player Vending & More

Bethesda Softworks has performed a maintenance update today for Fallout 76 and fixed the issue with Nukes not triggering since January 1st.

Some initially assumed this was intentional, since it was the first few hours of the new year, and could have easily been done in celebration of 2019. Instead, players found the exact same codes that were released last week - except this time, they didn't unlock the silos. Codes in hand, they can go to a nuclear silo and launch them at spots on the map to punish other players, or simply give a fresh dose of radiation to a spot and create mutated high-level enemies there. Even the intel monitor in the enclave bunker was glitched, showing the words "complete" and "incomplete" superimposed over one another and hashtags in the place where letters should be.

Nukes, a major part of the Fallout 76 end-game and the key thematic plot device for the whole Fallout franchise, are broken right now. Bethesda has since been made aware of the issue and deployed a hotfix early this morning to get everything back up and operational.

One popular theory circulating on the game's forum and subreddit is that there was a programming error with the game's timers that only showed up once the year changed over.

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