Is this Xiaomi’s foldable tablet?

Xiaomi’s foldable phone

Xiaomi’s foldable phone

In the video, a device purportedly made by Xiaomi is seen and its screen is shown to be folding from the left and the right side. In fact, the South Korean smartphone maker also showcased a prototype design of the foldable phone which could be called Galaxy X. As of now, there's no report when will the Samsung foldable phone launch, but considering the leaks and rumours flooding the internet, the phone could launch sooner than you can imagine.

Finally, Xiaomi isn't afraid to work on weird "concept" phones as it showed with its bezels Xiaomi Mi Mix phone.

Is this Xiaomi's first foldable phone?

Foldable phones and tablets are expected to be huge in 2019, with Samsung reported to be launching its Samsung Galaxy Flex in the first half of the year.

Foldable devices are getting more and more buzz, and we might even see one this year.

Samsung wants its folding phone to have a long battery life.

The video comes from Evan Blass via Twitter who notes that the authenticity of the footage is unverified. Well, we say "regularly-sized" - it may be like holding a brick, we just can't say for sure from this poorly-lit, single-angle video.

But is it a real product, or is it a "gadget porn deepfake" as Blass noted in his tweet?

Samsung mobile boss DJ Koh is convinced we need a foldable phone.

The 20-second clip shows someone demonstrating the phone's screen-size accommodating interfaces in dimmed lighting as the user scrolls across Google Maps while they continue to fold the device along its two "hinges".

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