Trump Campaign Chairman's 'Misstatements' Were 'Unintentional,' His Lawyers Say

Can you redact that suit jacket though

Can you redact that suit jacket though

Attorneys for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort accidentally revealed in a court filing Tuesday that the special counsel team led by Robert Mueller has alleged their client lied about sharing polling data with a Russian operative.

In another section of the filing, Manafort's lawyers revealed that he "may have discussed a Ukraine peace plan" with Kilimnik "on more than one occasion".

The Associated Press was able to review the material because it was not properly blacked out.

In the Tuesday filing, Manafort's lawyers said the dispute can be dealt with through the sentencing process, because prosecutors have said they have no plans to file fresh charges.

In a July 7, 2016 Manafort told Kilimnik that he was willing to brief Deripaska on the Trump campaign.

Manafort sent Kilimnik, a former Russian military intelligence official, an email in April 2016, shortly after joining the campaign, suggesting that he sought to use his new position as leverage with Deripaska.

Prosecutors say Manafort breached their plea agreement by lying, but defence lawyers argue that any misstatements were simple mistakes made by a man coping with illness, exhaustion and extensive questioning from investigators. Trump has maintain there has been "no collusion". The filing was submitted under seal on Monday, and the redacted version released on Tuesday.

Manafort's attorneys reported he has been suffering from severe gout, anxiety and depression - conditions that may have affected his ability to recall events during his tumultuous service on the Trump campaign.

Manafort's lawyers denied in the filing that he had intentionally lied.

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson demanded in a December 11 hearing that prosecutors provide more details to allow her to determine whether Manafortfailed to fully cooperate as required under his deal, and should face tougher sentencing.

But Mueller's office said Manafort had lied about at least five subjects, including his interactions with Kilimnik.

Kilimnik had spent a decade working as a translator and fixer for Manafort's political consulting business in Ukraine.

The filing contains new information about Manafort's connections to Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian-Ukrainian business associate who was indicted a year ago on charges he tampered with potential witnesses.

Manafort, 69, agreed to cooperate with Mueller when he admitted to two conspiracy counts in Washington on September 14, a month after jurors convicted him in Virginia of tax and bank fraud. Sentencing in that case - which could result in a lengthy prison term - is scheduled for next month.

In another action that may be related to the ongoing Russian Federation probe, the Supreme Court Tuesday denied an application for a stay in a case involving a bank owned by a foreign government. It heavily favors Russia's interests, The Atlantic notes, and came under scrutiny as the Trump campaign's contacts with Russian Federation began to be investigated.

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