Ex-boxing champ surrenders after punching French police

The boxer punching a police officer

The boxer punching a police officer

The protests have rocked France for nearly two months.

Many protesters claim they are simply responding to police violence, pointing to a video showing a police captain hitting protesters in the southern city of Toulon at the weekend, and their heavy use of teargas and rubber bullets.

Luigi Di Maio, the Italian deputy prime minister and leader of the 5-Star Movement (M5S), likened the French "yellow vests" to his own political movement.

Mr Philippe told TF1 television, "Today, if we want to defend the freedom to demonstrate... we must evolve our law and supplement our legislative system".

The "yellow vest" demonstrations have been frequently violent since they began in late November, particularly on December 1 when crowds ransacked a museum in the Arc de Triomphe and daubed graffiti on the famed monument.

Dettinger handed himself in to police after clashing with officers on a bridge in Paris during an anti-government protest on Saturday.

"The French Boxing Federation sends its support to the family and loved ones of the officer who was a victim of this individual, but equally to all the security forces who have been on duty these last weeks", it said.

There was a recent statement by two ministers from the Italian government who do not hide their support [for the yellow vest movement]...

"We cannot accept that some people take advantage of these demonstrations to break, to burn".

News of the amount she was due to be paid, which is roughly on a par with the President's salary, sparked angry reaction from yellow vests and opposition figures.

"[French President Emmanuel] Macron's government is not up to expectations and some policies are de facto risky, not just for the French, but for Europe".

He added his party proposed over a month ago that a state of emergency be imposed, lamenting that the call remained unheeded as "the situation degenerates".

He had ambitions to create a new centrist alliance of European lawmakers, but the yellow vest crisis cast doubts on his capacity to do so.

Protests against a new fuel tax erupted on November 17 when people across France took to the streets to voice their opposition by organizing traffic blockades. She pointed to the fact that RT resources had 20 times more views of the reports about the yellow vests protests than French media. One thing they all initially seemed to have in common was reliance on cars to get around, many living away from the high-cost urban heartland.

The French government has since toughened its stance and said it would crack down harder on undeclared protests and violence on the fringes of demonstrations. Ten people have died in incidents at or near roadblocks set up by protesters.

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