Man arrested after allegedly stealing his roommate's £8M lottery scratchcard

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On 20 December 2018, his roommate, whose identity has not been revealed by police, went to a Lucky convenience store in Vacaville hoping for some holiday good fortune and spent $30 on a scratch-off lottery ticket.

Sure enough, Saosongyang arrived at the lottery's Sacramento office with the real ticket and was told it was worth $10 million, not $10,000 as the roommate had thought, CBS Sacramento says.

He returned home and shared this wonderful news with his 2 roommates.

The Lottery investigator invited Saosongyang to their Sacramento District Office to collect his winnings. He then told his two roommates, one of whom allegedly stole the winning ticket and replaced it with a forgery, police told KTXL.

While the investigation revealed that the ticked handed in by Saosongyang was indeed real, it also established that his room-mate was the real victor, the Washington Post writes.

Saosongyang was not able to immediately walk away with the prize money.

The lottery office then began its standard administrative investigation it conducts for all winnings over $600.

Adul Saosongyang, 35, was arrested on January 7 for allegedly stealing a California Scratchers Lottery ticket worth $10 million dollars from his roommate. After reviewing police and surveillance video at the place where the winning ticket was found, officials figured out Saosongyang was not the victor, according to NBC News.

Authorities determined Saosongyang had purchased a similar Scratcher ticket, altered it and swapped it with victims winning ticket.

Investigators said the man went to collect his jackpot the next day and was told he was not a victor.

The California Lottery confirmed in a statement that the theft of the $10 million prize money was thwarted and reminded players to take precautions when playing the lotto.

Saosongyang was charged with grand theft and held at the Sacramento County Jail. Instead he was greeted by Vacaville detectives, who had an arrest warrant waiting for him.

"We have our victim going into the store, which is date and time stamped, of him actually buying the lottery ticket", Polen said. He said he couldn't be certain that the man would receive payment.

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