NHS long-term plan promises digital GP appointments for all

The victorious team from Abbeyview

The victorious team from Abbeyview

Long-awaited details of the NHS Long Term Plan - which is to be funded by a government investment of £20.5 billion a year in real terms by 2023/24 and aims to transform patient care while spending tax payers' money more efficiently - have now been unveiled.

"Alcohol and tobacco addiction remain two of the biggest causes of ill health and early death, and the right support can save lives".

But acting chief executive of the Royal College of Nursing Dame Donna Kinnair felt the omission of workforce planning was glaring.

It's important to note that it's only a plan, therefore there's every chance some of these targets might not be met. We went through it, so you don't have to.

In Staffordshire, health and social care partners have been working hard to deliver more integrated care, which helps see more people supported in their communities through prevention, early intervention and after care support and less people admitted to or kept in hospital longer than they need to be.

All in all, Mr Speaker, the NHS Long Term Plan has been drawn up by the NHS: by over 2,500 doctors, clinicians, staff, and patients.

This additional funding is earmarked for increased digitalisation of GP practices, 24-hour mental health support, healthy living programmes, cancer testing centres and other services. The NHS said that their intention to identify people with irregular heartbeat and blood pressure issues and offer them timely treatment would prevent formation of risky blood clots in the future that are precursors for heart and brain strokes.

The NHS will invest £183 million in helping problem drinkers and smokers, which cost the service more than £6 billion annually.

The NHS is the most beloved institution in this country and for good reason - one million people rely on its services every day.

More money to help narrow stark inequalities in the health and life expectancy between wealthy and poor people.

"That would leave the NHS over £1bn short, despite the extra funding".

Mental health experts have applauded the commitment to closing the care gap.

"Our challenge now is to make sure it's properly implemented and in this regard we, that is everyone who works in the NHS and patients who use the service, must all play our part if we are to make it a success". The report noted that the NHS is struggling to meet the standards of care as indicated in its constitution. "Sadly so numerous measures outlined. are a rehash of what has already been promised for years", she tweeted. Here, people will be signposted to support.

The plan suggested that a 24/7 crisis response will be available for adults and older adults by 2020/21, with home treatment offered as an alternative to inpatient admission.

Provide comprehensive mental health support across major A&E departments across the NHS.

Other significant elements of the plan include: improving out-of-hospital care by supporting primary medical and community health services; also drawing on these to support older people through more personalised care; and an emphasis on improving maternity safety.

People with severe mental illness are at higher risk of developing issues like obesity, asthma and diabetes. Shadow Health Secretary, Jonathan Ashworth, appeared on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show and said "The funding isn't sufficient and the staffing isn't there".

As a result of these changes, NHS England believes that the new vision could save 500,000 lives through preventative measures.

Create teams in schools to support those with mild to moderate mental health problems.

AOP professional adviser, Henry Leonard, added: "We are really pleased to see the eye care needs of children with learning disabilities specifically recognised in the plan".

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