Bernie Sanders Blasts Anti-BDS Bill as 'Absurd'

Marco Rubio: Rashida Tlaib's Dual Loyality Suggestion 'anti-Semitic'

Marco Rubio: Rashida Tlaib's Dual Loyality Suggestion 'anti-Semitic'

'They forgot what country they represent, ' Tlaib said of Republican lawmakers in a tweet Sunday while objecting to a proposed bill in the Senate that would punish American companies for participating in the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.

So this week, top Republican senators and their allies in the Jewish community have pulled out a tried-and-true card to flip the misery to the other side, in this case the Democrats.

Americans for Peace Now (APN) opposes any bill that encourages state and local governments to adopt legislation which penalizes citizens who boycott Israel and/or Israeli settlements.

The bill appears unlikely to move forward after Democrats took a stand against passing any legislation before the government is reopened. Cardin says the country is being "held hostage" by President Donald Trump as he seeks funding for a U.S. -Mexico border wall.

With more than 130,000 federal workers and multiple department and agency offices located there, Maryland is among the states most affected by the shutdown.

But some Republicans are using the Israel angle as a wedge issue.

A pro-Israel advocate says it's unfortunate that a bill aimed at stopping boycotts against Israel is stalled in the Senate. In his remarks, McConnell rattled off a list of prominent Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer who he said had previously backed border security legislation "with enthusiasm" in 2006. Rubio, "Really risky to play politics [with] support for Israel".

Without White House support, the spending measures floundered in the final days of a House that was then still under Republican control.

"But we will try again later this week", Rubio said.

The measure, S.1 would direct the Trump administration to impose sanctions on entities doing business with the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, such as selling petroleum products or aircraft parts. "Currently, almost twice as many liberal Democrats say they sympathize more with the Palestinians than with Israel (35% vs. 19%)".

Marco Rubio: Rashida Tlaib's Dual Loyality Suggestion 'anti-Semitic'

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said a new batch of polls shows voters back Democrats or want a compromise now. "He has clearly made a political calculation". Democrats offered $1.9 billion for the border wall. "We don't have a better economic trading partner than Israel. It's a political stunt, it always was", Connolly said.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee declined to comment on the matter.

The anti-Israel faction of the Democratic Party is gaining power.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins of ME was spotted on Wednesday huddling with fellow Republican Sens.

The Senate voted 56-44 on Tuesday to prevent further consideration, forestalling action on the underlying legislation that otherwise enjoys broad bipartisan support.

"This "dual loyalty" canard is a typical anti-Semitic line", Rubio wrote, adding that BDS "isn't about freedom & equality, it's about destroying Israel".

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy argued Democrats aren't negotiating in good faith, saying they "don't even want to talk about the problem". Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) slammed an anti-BDS bill introduced last week by Republicans as "absurd". Ben Cardin, "This is a crisis - Americans are suffering for it". We can't simply proceed with business as usual. "Reopening the government must be our first priority".

On Tuesday, Rubio pivoted to a different tactic.

Trump has said he won't sign a funding bill that doesn't funding for the wall, while Democrats have vowed not to approve any wall funding.

Before taking control of the House of Representatives last Thursday, Democrats had said they would investigate Trump on multiple fronts, including ties with Russian Federation, his tax returns and allegations of conflicts of interest.

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