"Bird Box" Monsters Finally Revealed

"Bird Box" Monsters Finally Revealed

Jake Paul took part in the viral Bird Box Challenge, but appeared to run through oncoming traffic whilst blindfolded during his stunt.

The Fuel Masters are preparing for the upcoming 2019 PBA season, which opens on Sunday.

The Fuel Masters also had ropes on their ankles that were tied to each other as tried to walk together with their blindfolds on.

Though Netflix rarely makes public the viewing figures for their shows and films, the numbers for their recent hit Bird Box have been too impressive not to share.

The fad is based on the Netflix Original film that captures the challenges of Malorie, played by Sandra Bullock, and her two children, who attempt to navigate through a post-apocalyptic world. "It's just going to be amusing", director Susanne Bier told Bloody-Disgusting. In the end, I actually really liked the movie and think it was better off NOT showing the makeup. The actress described the monster as "a green man with a horrific baby face", which isn't far off from the photos below. After all, Bier has said that she just wants people to focus on the first film for now and isn't thinking about a sequel yet.

If you've yet to see the thrilling Netflix phenomenon Bird Box, you should know that major spoilers are ahead and that you have severely mismanaged the last few weeks of your life. We'll shoot the scene.' I turn and he's like [growling at me.] It's making me laugh.

So, people are running amok, getting run over by vehicles, including Jessica, Malorie is pregnant and under a lot of external stress already, somehow manages to evade what is turning into a human mob of pure hell to make it to the now famous Bird Box house-Google it, it's now a tourist attraction!-where she meets what would become her new "family" headed by the in-shock and grieving shotgun-loving widow, Douglas, whose wife sacrificed herself in allowing Malorie inside, only to end up dying by walking herself into a burning auto.

So why did we never see the monster in Bird Box?

This week, special effects artist Andy Berholtz finally gave fans a glimpse of what at least one of the monsters from the film was meant to look like, with tantalizing behind-the-scenes details of a deleted scene featuring the creature.

While the scene featuring his creation was cut from the final movie, Berholtz says he's actually glad that his work was left on the editing room floor. A great one, as always, but perhaps as effortless as she makes it look: the need to survive is the character's only personality trait.

Director Susanne revealed the creatures were removed so the Netflix movie kept its dark, twisted themes.

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