Elon Musk Spotted Eating Hot Pot in Beijing, Offered Chinese Green Card

Investor's Corner					Tesla’s Gigafactory 3 is pushing China’s local EV makers to be more competitive

Investor's Corner Tesla’s Gigafactory 3 is pushing China’s local EV makers to be more competitive

Why it matters: Tesla's decision to discontinue 75 kWh battery options on the Model S and Model X does put more distance between the most expensive Model 3 and the cheapest Model S and Model X which may be the company's ultimate goal.

In a video shared on January 10 by The Global Times, the Tesla CEO can be seen dining at the highly-regarded hot pot spot, Qimen Shuanrou, according to Shanghaiist.

While the company has recently been forced to slash prices in China due to the U.S.

Billionaire Elon Musk was offered permanent residency in China after he said he loved the Asian nation and hoped to visit more regularly.

Musk was in Shanghai on Monday for the ground-breaking of Tesla's first overseas factory - a $2 billion Gigafactory - which will allow it to sell vehicles directly in the world's largest market for electric vehicles. It also delivered a total 245,240 cars in full-2018, which is more than Tesla's deliveries for all prior years, the company said. Musk responded by saying that he would like to make the plant "a global example".

Musk said China's development speed and efficiency are impressive, and it is hard to imagine that the process of opening a auto factory could be done in such a short period of time.

Li congratulated Musk on construction of the multibillion-dollar facility, which began three months after the maker of America's bestselling electric cars secured the land at an industrial zone in Lingang.

To this, Li replied: "If this is what you truly have in mind, we can give you a Chinese green card".

Meanwhile, trade negotiations between Beijing and Washington also appear to be going well, according to Chinese and USA negotiators, as reported by Forbes.

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