Frank Castle Kicks Ass in ‘The Punisher’ Season 2 Trailer

Curtis Madani and Frank

Curtis Madani and Frank

The unstoppable force of nature that is Frank Castle, known as the Punisher, is out to deliver another round of vengeance.

Castle replies, "what was I supposed to do?" She responds, "It was nearly like you were happy for the excuse".

Following cancellations throughout 2018, there are two Netflix/Marvel shows from the Defenders universe still standing: The Punisher and Jessica Jones.

The opening scene shows Frank Castle conversing with a young woman named Amy Bendix he's just saved from murder in a bar. She eventually reveals that the men killed her family and are looking to the same to her.

The trailer makes it clear that Billy Russo is back again and he's not alone.

Dinah Madani

Jigsaw is also key in the second season: He's the ex-friend of Castle, and was responsible for the deaths of Castle's wife and children.

Russo is tasked with bringing Castle and the girl to her mystery pursuers.

The battle between the Punisher and Russo should be absolutely epic.

The teaser trailer Netflix that released in recent days actually showed Castle flicking open a cigarette lighter to burn a presidential pardon that's addressed to him. The story of why plays out over the course of the season, and it proves to be somewhat relevant to the times in which we live, though probably not too relevant that it will ruffle any particular feathers.

The Punisher Season 2 returns Friday, January 18 on Netflix for 13 episodes. This season, judging by this 2-minute clip, is going to be even bloodier. He got the pardon as part of an agreement with Homeland Security at the end of the first season, an agreement that also required him to disappear. Let us know in the comments section below.

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