MP vomits as he slams Nationals for mass fish death

Nearly a million fish have died in an “environmental catastrophe”.. Source 7NewsMore

Nearly a million fish have died in an “environmental catastrophe”.. Source 7NewsMore

"In droughts, rivers are the last resort for so much of our wildlife", Professor Kingsford said.

Dick Arnold and Rob McBride held up two massive fish as they accused the government and cotton growers for the "man made environmental disaster" which they said made them feel like crying.

"We have spent billions trying to save the Murray Darling Basin and what have we got?"

The Board at Murray Cod Australia first extended its sympathy "to the drought affected property owners and townspeople along the Darling River that have been affected by the recent fish kills in the Menindee area".

In a tweet, Mr Buckingham said he was "involuntarily retching from the smell".

NSW Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair - who has been savaged by some Menindee locals for partly blaming the drought - said in a statement that fish kills are not a new phenomenon and happened in the region between 2002 and 2004 during the millennium drought.

Rejecting the explanation given by authorities on Tuesday that the fish kill was a result of the ongoing drought, many local community members are now claiming the event was caused by water mismanagement.

"The scale of this disaster is extraordinary and unprecedented".

The die-off has been associated with an algal bloom and "associated low dissolved oxygen event", meaning there isn't enough oxygen in the water for fish to breathe.

NSW Labor confirmed that it would seek to overturn the plan - supported by all basin state governments and the Morrison government - to effectively decommission the Menindee Lakes System.

Image: There have been four mass fish deaths since Christmas on the Darling River. "We welcome the investigation into the fish deaths by the NSW Department of Primary Industries and WaterNSW". He added the SDL project at Menindee, which aims to save 105 gigalitres a water a year, must proceed.

"As much as these events are deeply distressing to all involved they have no impact on Murray Cod Australia's production for this year or coming years", the MCA board assured investors.

Mr McBride's daughter, Kate, has said the deaths are due to the diversion of water from the river for irrigation and the draining of Menindee Lakes.

A South Australian royal commission was held in 2018 to investigate allegations of widespread water theft from the Murray-Darling Basin by rogue irrigators with its report expected on February 1. "Sadly, it is entirely predictable for those of us that have been warning about the raft of problems plaguing the implementation of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan".

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