Netflix faces lawsuit over 'Black Mirror' and 'Choose Your Own Adventure'

Will Poulter stars as Colin Ritman.
Will Poulter stars as Colin Ritman

Will Poulter stars as Colin Ritman. Will Poulter stars as Colin Ritman

According to a January 11th, 2019 Hollywood Reporter story, USA -based publisher Chooseco filed documents in Vermont arguing that the publisher has used the phrase since the 1980s and has sold more than 265 million copies of its Choose Your Own Adventure books.

Chooseco, LLC, the company which owns the copyright for the specific "Choose Your Own Adventure" brand, alleges in its lawsuit that Netflix attempted to solicit a license for the property as far back as 2016.

Black Mirror creators may have wanted viewers to choose their own adventure on Bandersnatch, but they ended up somewhere unexpected-in a lawsuit with the owners of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" trademark. It was Chooseco who initially published the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books in the '80s and '90s that young readers loved so much.

"The misappropriation of our mark by Netflix presents an extreme challenge for a small independent publisher like Chooseco", the complaint states. "The use of Choose Your Own Adventure in association with such graphic content is likely to cause significant damage, impacting our book sales and affecting our ability to work with licensing partners in the future".

Here, it's also important to note the fact that Netflix has not made use of the phrase "choose your own adventure" in any of its official marketing for Bandersnatch, although the episode has been referred to extensively in the press using that very phrase.

They're now reportedly demanding at least $25 million in damages or Netflix's profits, whichever is greater, claiming infringement, dilution and unfair competition. In addition, the claim points out that 20th Century Fox actually holds an option contract with Chooseco "to develop an interactive film series based on the Choose Your Own Adventure books".

The Choose Your Own Adventure series has sold more than 265 million copies worldwide.

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