Vegas Authorities Issue Warrant For Cristiano Ronaldo's DNA

Woman claims Ronaldo threatened to have her “cut up” and her body “thrown in a river”

Woman claims Ronaldo threatened to have her “cut up” and her body “thrown in a river”

Las Vegas police said in a statement that an official request has been submitted to Italian authorities for a DNA sample from the player.

Ronaldo is based in Italy where he plays for Serie A champions Juventus Football Club.

Lennard also claimed that Ronaldo threatened to "cut up" her body if she ever dated anyone else.

The Journal reported investigators want to see whether Ronaldo's DNA matches DNA found on Kathryn Mayorga's dress.

Celebrity Big Brother contestant Jasmine Lennard in a series of Tweets on Tuesday called Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo a "psychopath". Ms Mayorga filed a lawsuit in an attempt to quash that agreement while Las Vegas police have re-opened an investigation.

In response to a similar query, Ronaldo's lawyer Peter Christiansen appeared to confirm the DNA request in a separate statement.

Cristiano Ronaldo's lawyer has said USA investigators are seeking DNA from the footballer in their investigation of a woman's allegation that the global star raped her in his Las Vegas hotel penthouse in 2009.

She claims after meeting him at a Las Vegas nightclub, he raped her at his hotel suite on June 13, 2009 ─ just before he joined Real Madrid from Manchester United.

In the document possessed by the lawyer, Ronaldo is quoted as saying, "She said no and stop several times". The soccer star allegedly paid the American model-turned-teacher hush money to the tune of $375,000, but Mayorga said she later reconsidered in an attempt to expose the Portuguese striker.

Las Vegas police declined to comment.

However, Mayorga's lawyers are pursuing monetary damages and seeking to void the non-disclosure agreement on the grounds that she was legally incompetent to agree to a settlement.

Ronaldo has firmly denied raping Mayorga and called the reopened case a "media spectacle" aimed at taking him down. Recalling the interaction, Mayorga told Der Spiegel that Ronaldo had made a remark suggesting he was a good person minus that "1 percent".

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