Logan Paul Makes Controversial Statement About 'Going Gay'

Hubert Boesl dpa- AP  Don't Hate the Geek

Hubert Boesl dpa- AP Don't Hate the Geek

YouTuber Keemstar has claimed it's "impossible" for people to be offended after Logan Paul said he was "going gay for a month".

The YouTuber is now perhaps most remembered by the scandal involving him a year ago, when he traveled to Japan and filmed a dead body in the suicide forest of Aokigahara. This time, Paul sparked backlash after revealing a freakish resolution for March.

Speaking on the latest episode of his Impaulsive Podcast, which was uploaded on 9 January, he spoke about the New Year resolutions he has made for this year.

In January 2018, Paul was forced to apologise for posting a video of a dead body during a trip to a known suicide spot in Japan.

"Is fatal February", Majlak replied, explaining that he and Paul would be consuming steaks and drinking alcohol.

YouTube's Logan Paul is, once again, making headlines (and yes, he's still extremely problematic).

'Dear Logan Paul and any ignorant, hurtful fool, You can't 'go gay for a month.' Being gay is not a choice. Yep, if you've been waiting patiently for a Logan Paul gay phase, apparently you're in luck.

Majlak continued: "For one month, and then swing. and then go back".

Whether Paul is being serious or is trying his hand at comedy, members of the LGBTQ community and allies are not thrilled. The controversial YouTuber recently revealed plans to "go gay for just one month".

But the comments have sparked a huge backlash on social media, with fans accusing Paul of being homophobic.

"Logan Paul doesn't deserve fame, or money".

'He continues to be an terrible representation of the YouTube community & shows he truly has learned NOTHING over the past year'.

GLAAD chimed in saying, "That's not how it works, @LoganPaul".

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