MLB Insider Has Major Update On QB Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray

The A's are considering offering the Heisman Trophy victor more guaranteed money to honor his baseball deal and not declare for the NFL draft, league sources told Jeff Passan of ESPN.

Clearly, he wants National Football League first round money to stick with baseball.

The Chronicle source said National Football League teams would not want Murray to play baseball because of the steeper learning curve for a rookie quarterback and the everyday demands of the position.

According to multiple reports, Murray is asking for a significant increase in guaranteed money from Oakland - as he should, given he has incredible leverage right now - although the number is in flux.

Top A's executives, a marketing executive from MLB and others met Sunday afternoon with Murray in Dallas, sources told ESPN, to better understand what it would take for Murray to forgo a football career and sell him on playing baseball full-time.

Murray already received a $5 million bonus from the A's back in June.

When considering his future earning potential, that's when it gets tricky.

The Oakland Athletics' push to keep Kyler Murray's baseball career alive has included people from Major League Baseball. If Murray turns into a star quarterback, or even a serviceable one, he'll be heavily compensated for the rest of his career (see: Bay Area quarterbacks Jimmy Garoppolo and Derek Carr, who both signed contracts worth more than $70 million in guaranteed money, per Spotrac).

We should know more about Murray's final decision soon.

So, either something is off with that $15 million figure or Boras has something allowed under MLB guidelines in the works (i.e. Murray having a full-on MLB-level salary as a minor leaguer after exhausting that $1,100 per month maximum in his first minor-league season).

More analysis to come....

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