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Representative Paul Harris Ranking Member House Education Committee left and Representative Moni

Representative Paul Harris Ranking Member House Education Committee left and Representative Moni

One to three cases out of every 1,000 are fatal, he said.

But in recent years, there's been a resurgence of the disease both in the United States and overseas, and experts believe its return is fueled by anti-vaccination laws, groups and lobbies, experts say.

Thus far, Brazil has reported most of the imported measles cases during 2018. One person has been hospitalized, and the governor of Washington has declared a state of emergency.

In the event of a measles outbreak, WAC 246-105-080 authorizes schools (public or private), child care centers, or the local Health Officer to exclude any child or staff who does not have appropriate documentation of immunity against measles.

A measles outbreak in the Pacific Northwest became more worrisome on Wednesday with word that people infected with the extremely contagious viral illness travelled to Hawaii and central OR after being exposed.

DPH urges healthcare providers to maintain heightened awareness for patients with measles or symptoms of measles.

Misinformation is circulating on social media, said Dr. Alan Melnick, Clark County public health director. Thirteen additional suspected cases were reported on Wednesday, and some of those will likely be confirmed, Melnick said.

The vaccine has been part of routine childhood shots for decades, and measles was declared eliminated in the 2000. For more information on the current measles outbreak, please visit Washington State 2019 Measles Outbreak. "The best way to get prepared is to make sure you and your children that you're responsible for are up to date on your vaccinations".

Though being unvaccinated obviously left the sick individuals vulnerable to the disease, but those cases have not been connected to the Washington state outbreak and it is unclear how they contracted it.

Measles is highly contagious, so we lose herd immunity when about 5 percent of the population is unvaccinated.

Those who may have been exposed should watch for early symptoms of high fever, malaise and red eyes, followed by a rash that starts on the head and moves down the body.

As long as people in the community aren't vaccinated, doctors say there is potential for an outbreak.

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