Trump Says Trade War Deal Must Involve 'Real, Structural Change'

US-China trade war a boon for Europe, UN study says

US-China trade war a boon for Europe, UN study says

Claiming that the USA has now put China in its place by imposing high tariffs on Chinese goods, Trump said the U.S. treasury is brimming with money.

According to reports, the USA delegation will be led by Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer, and Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin. He did not rule one out, though. "If there are remaining issues that we can't get closed I think President Trump expects that he's gonna sit down with President Xi and address those issues and we'll figure out if needs to do that".

China has agreed to widen trade discussions to include hacking, it said.

"We've always talked about cyber issues. India gets 150 per cent, we get nothing", he had said. So that's our objective, ' Mnuchin said.

At the State of the Union address on February 5, President Trump emphasized the us would accept nothing less than an equitable trade relationship with China following "decades of calamitous trade policies". The trip will put Trump in the region just before the critical March deadline.

U.S. president Donald Trump said in his annual State of the Union speech on Tuesday that his country's aggressive trade negotiations with China would mean an end to Beijing's alleged "theft" of American jobs and wealth.

Trump's negotiators want Beijing to more strenuously enforce American intellectual property rights, stop cyber-hacking of trade secrets, curb industrial subsidies and end policies that coerce US companies to turn over technology to Chinese competitors as a price of doing business in China's vast market. "The effect of US-China tariffs would be mainly distortionary".

U.S. President Donald Trump said any deal with China must ensure "real, structural change" take place to narrow the country's trade deficit and save American jobs, as a U.S. delegation was reportedly set to visit Beijing for new talks next week on the bilateral tariff dispute.

His affirmation that he's going to Asia, immediately sparked speculation that he'll also be making a stop in Beijing.

Ahead of the third round of negotiations next week, Senate Democrats sent a letter to Mnuchin last Friday urging him to keep the pressure on China and not back down on key structural issues in order to broker a deal.

Trump said he looks forward to meeting with Xi at least once before a trade deal closes, and he believes the fine points of an agreement with China will ultimately be negotiated directly between himself and the foreign leader. Another participant called the soybean purchase the only meaningful agriculture commitment China made during last week's negotiations. So I know you're spending a lot of time, and it's moving along well, ' he noted.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin speaks with reporters outside the White House, Feb. 6, 2019. He works very hard.

United States companies would capture only 6% of the $250bn of the affected Chinese exports, while Chinese firms would retain 12%, despite the higher cost of trade, the study said. Right now the intent is that we meet this deadline. Yet as he approaches a potential deal, some of the very hawks who have cheered on the president's trade war already fear he may end up falling short.

On the heels of President Trump's State of the Union address, a new round of trade talks has been announced for next week in Beijing.

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