Collection Of Classic Dungeons And Dragons RPGs Coming To Switch

Skybound And Beamdog Bring Six Classic Dungeons & Dragons Games To Switch In 2019

Skybound And Beamdog Bring Six Classic Dungeons & Dragons Games To Switch In 2019

While most of these games were originally built around mouse and keyboard controls, modern games like Divinity: Original Sin and Pillars of Eternity that were heavily inspired by them have managed to adapt to traditional console controllers in recent years.

Set to be available in both digital and physical form, Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II, Baldur's Gate: The Siege of Dragonspear, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights and Planescape: Torment will be on display in the Skybound Games booth at PAX East in Boston from March 28th to March 31st, too.

Read the full press announcement on the SkyBound Games site.

Something to look forward to: Baldur's Gate was largely credited with reviving the role-playing genre on the PC and inspiring a whole new wave of Dungeons & Dragons games. Skybound is currently the owners of the now defunct Telltale Games The Walking Dead, which they acquired in October of 2018, and has helped with the publishing of a number of independent games, including Slime Rancher by Monomi Park, The Long Dark by Hinterland, and Death's Gambit with White Rabbit and Adult Swim Games. This will likely be the first chance fans will have of acquiring boxed copies of these enhanced editions ports, which is good news for everyone.

All six of these Dungeons & Dragons tie-ins were apparently handpicked by Beamdog, a company that has a history of enhancing classic RPGs on PC.

Skybound said additional details including box contents and specific platform support will be unveiled in the coming months. Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment. will arrive on a new platform this year. We are at any rate, even though we've played most on PC already.

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