Alia Bhatt responds to Kangana for calling her Karan Johars puppet

Manikarnika Box office report Kangana Ranaut starrer continues steady run

Manikarnika Box office report Kangana Ranaut starrer continues steady run

While all this controversy is going on, Kangana Ranaut had expressed her disappointment about noon in the Bollywood supporting her or her film.

She added, "I have not seen the film yet but my friends in the USA recommended me to watch it asap so perhaps I will soon".

In one of her interviews, Kangana spoke about how it is high time that the famous people opened up about the problems the commoners face and not just when it is convenient for them.

Kangana Ranaut, who is now basking in the success of her latest release 'Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi', recently called out the Hindi film industry for failing to acknowledge her work. As I have said before, I really admire her as an actor and the choices that she makes. "If I have, I will apologise to her on a personal level". But the success did not come easy to the actress as she had to go through a row of controversies with her team during the filming and then the release of the film.

"Tanushree, who is now in the USA, said that 'besides being a powerhouse performer, she has truly set an example of someone who has made a unique and celebrated place for herself in an industry tough to conquer for an outsider.This Damsel has truly made it all the way despite all the distress; leaving the frat boys club of Bollywood and their dames twiddling their thumbs in abject contempt for her success". She wants the successful ones to take responsibility of their stardom. Basically, it wasn't my intention.

Meanwhile, Kangana's Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi is slowly but surely making progress at the box office, and has earned a total of Rs 85.80 crore on day 15.

Alia responded to Kangana's claims and said that she will speak to her in private.

Kangana had recently complained that certain members of the film industry have ganged up against her.

Kangna had expected the same reaction from Alia, but failing to receive the same treatment she came down harsh on her. However, now she got support from Anupam Kher.

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