Michelle Obama's mum reminds her she's not a 'real celebrity'

Marian Robinson with the Obamas. More

Marian Robinson with the Obamas. More

Marian Robinson's text kept her daughter in check.

Michelle then told her that yes, she had told her about it, though Robinson maintained she hadn't, writing, "I would have remembered that even though I don't remember much".

In case you missed it, Michelle Obama graced the Grammys with her presence during one of the opening sequences and sent Twitter into an uproar.

Mother-daughter relationships aren't any easier when you're famous.

Obama asked her mom if she watched it and Robinson replied: "I saw it because Gracie called me".

"Mom's keep you humble", one Instagram user commented. But, who can't relate?

"Texts from parents" is an often-hilarious genre of humor, and former first lady Michelle Obama just contributed her own entry.

"No you did not", her mom wrote back.

Who else could deny Michelle Obama her right to stardom?

"And I am a real star by the way". Music shows us that all of it matters - every story within every voice, every note within every song.

Obama laughed - in emoji form - at her mom's joke.

The conversation about how Robinson apparently heard about her daughter's Grammy appearance from someone other than her daughter was highly relatable to many people. 'I was anxious about my grandkids'. Grandma's room was like the confessional, ' Michelle recalled. And then they'd leave'.

"Yeah", her mom responded. When I wasn't home at the end of the day, grandma was there. And I just thought that that's an unnatural way for a little 2nd grader to go to school.

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